7 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Sharwin Tee

Posted on Lifestyle Network : September 22, 2015

Bacon lover, bubbly host, and passionate cook – these are all things that would describe Chef Sharwin Tee. To shake things up, we sat down with the host of Curiosity Got the Chef (CGTC) to find out seven things most people don’t know about him.


Book review: Sharwin Tee’s ‘Curiosity Got The Chef’

Posted on Philippine Online Chronicles : October 27, 2014

What makes Curiosity Cookbook thoroughly enjoyable, besides the mouthwatering recipes and photos, are Sharwin’s stories about the show, his passion and where he gets his ideas for his quirky cuisine.


Kitchen Pro Files: Sharwin Tee, The Curious and Quirky Chef

Posted on : June 27, 2014

The curious, geeky and quirky chef talks about his beginnings, his television show on Lifestyle Network now on its fourth season, and his restaurant, The Quirky Bacon. And of course, Chef Sharwin talks about his favorite, bacon, in this interview.