Filipino-Americans Connect, Fight Stigma Against Filipino Food With Food

Posted on KQED News : March 22, 2016

The pop-up dinner was presented by Chicago-based Filipino Kitchen, a traveling organization set on connecting Filipinos everywhere to their culture with food.


Afternoon Tee

Posted on Filipino Kitchen : March 11, 2016

We started talking about what made him want to cook and he said that it was the TV show “Wok with Yan”.


Jessy’s ‘Darna’ Dream, Jobs That Attract Women, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Posted on FHM : February 27, 2016

Forget flowers and diamonds: a delicious meal is the foolproof way to a lady’s heart. Just ask Chef Sharwin Tee, who nabbed Bea Alonzo’s attention after pledging to cook 40 dishes in 40 days for her.


This is How a Chef Caught Bea Alonzo’s Attention

Posted on : February 24, 2016

Curiosity Got The Chef’s Sharwin Tee is cooking up a storm. This year, he made an online pledge to catch his celebrity crush Bea Alonzo’s attention, and he’s creating 40 dishes to make that happen.


Chef Sharwin No Longer Confined in the Kitchen

Posted on The Philippine Star : October 31, 2015

It used to be that chefs were strictly confined to the kitchen. Not anymore. Since shows like Masterchefbecame popular — and since people like Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain gained a following, the idea of chefs as celebrities has become one that the world has wholeheartedly embraced. Today’s chefs have successfully reinvented themselves into entrepreneurs, […]